Neogene echinoids of Florida


  • Adam S. Osborn
  • Roger W. Portell Florida Museum of Natural History
  • Rich Mooi California Academy of Sciences



Echinoids, Echinoidea, Florida, Neogene, Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene, new species


Forty-three species, and five indeterminate taxa of Florida Neogene echinoids are discussed and their geographic and stratigraphic distributions provided. These include 16 species documented from the Pleistocene, 20 from the Pliocene, and 12 from the Miocene. Eight new species are described: Rhyncholampas meansi n. sp. from the Pleistocene; Fernandezaster whisleri n. sp., Genocidaris oyeni n. sp., and Lovenia kerneri n. sp. from the Pliocene; and Clypeaster petersonorum n. sp., Gagaria hunterae n. sp., Brissopsis hoffmani n. sp., and Abertella carlsoni n. sp. from the Miocene. Additionally, we herein recognize Abertella floridana, from the Sopchoppy Limestone, as a species distinct from Abertella aberti, and provide the first documentation of Echinolampas lycopersicus, Rhyncholampas sabistonensis, and Arbia aldrichi from the fossil record of Florida. We update the taxonomy for all referred species and their known distributions. This document is intended to be a compilation of the entire Neogene echinoid record from Florida, which is now understood to have the most speciose and diverse assemblage of Neogene echinoids in the eastern United States.

Aboral view of Abertella dengleri




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Osborn, A., Portell, R., & Mooi, R. (2020). Neogene echinoids of Florida. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History, 57(3), 237–469.